Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gay Brothers Having Sex


I have had this little video for a long time; I received it from one of the Yahoo! groups I used to belong to. Last evening i was watching a pair of brothers having sex on Cam4, and they inspired me to post this...Enjoy!


  1. Yeah it IS pretty hot isn't it...I don't believe they are brothers tho...

  2. Hard to tell. Resemblance is close enough to make it plausible. I guess this is one of those situations were I'm willing to suspend disbelief. I'd sure be happy to be the filling in a sex sandwich with those two! Oh hell, I'd do and be done by both, together or separate, in whatever way possible (but then I'm a slut).

  3. So do you think the guys you were watching on Cam4 were really brothers? That would be truly hot.


  4. hmmm...the pair on Cam4....Hard call...Possible I guess...said they had same Father different possible